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About Us

We are Engineering Company dedicated to providing
the best solution for our service.

A Strong and Consistent Brand

COPSTECHS™ trademark symbol identifies the source-company, which sells the good or service refer to abbreviation of brand name. Common trademarks include names, logos, phrases and even sounds to satisfy these criteria, an applicant to our customer from our best services

Abbreviation Of Bbrand Name COPS TECHS Corporation


COPSTECHS™ is an Engineering Company dedicated to providing the best solution for our service. We are a professional company who could provide you one-stop solution of the projects with high-quality work and customer satisfaction

COPSTECHS™ Engineering Expertise has enable to supporting for service, Starting from the Consulting and Engineering Design, Fabrication, Installation/Erection, Project Management, Automation System in the foods and beverage processing industries.

Company COPS TECHS Corporation
About Service

Capable of Fabrication, Installation, Erection and Autommation System

With the skill, expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, we are capable of offering ideal lead times at optimal variable cost with our manufacturing strategy and experience

COPSTECHS™ provides services from inception to finished products, logistics, and on-site erection all in a one-stop-services. We have the capability and capacity to provide customised solutions with variable materials: light, medium, and heavy metal fabrication, pipe spools of different MOC, maintaining quality, quantities, or schedules. to ensures that our clients not only get the best value but also consistent quality by following benchmark quality and safety standards.

COPSTECHS™ has a committed management team with international experience and a seasoned team of engineers. We have facility for fabrication and laydown area for storing the finished products.

Research & Analysis

Custom engineering solutions using the data calculation, concept design, design drawing & flow function technology.

Industry Development

From consulting and engineering design to fabrication to installation to erection to project management. We are one-stop.

Production Launch

We also have the best solutions that assist your bottom line with our quality products and service to meet customer satification.

10 years of experience

Offer The Engineering Expertise And Best Solutions To Our customers!

COPSTECHS™ came to life in 2013. The company’s founder, Mr.Thanee Chinaphant, had the courage to give it a try even when most of his peers told him to play it safe. Everything It was a great opportunity and experience, but it didn’t come easy. We started to crawl, then walk and then, eventually, we sprinted forward, growing, learning, improving as we went.

Our Mission


COPSTECHS™ mission is the never-ending pursuit toward improving individual lives inside and outside the company may we work to strengthen people, their respective families and their respective communities. We deliver our mission by enabling our clients to accomplish their business goals.

Our Vision


COPSTECHS™ vision is to be the absolute best company in our industry by amazing our customers with both impeccable value and unrelenting service, and by constant, unwavering effort to build an internal culture of team play, individual respect and regular recognition.


Work for your Satisfaction

We can optimise designs and enhance projects for your Industry with our experience and engineering expertise.